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Sessions & Pricing

Studio Session

-$250-1 hour

-Additional $1 per mile >20miles

-Perfect for young puppies & senior dogs

-I come to you!

-Your choice of 2 background colors

-10-20 digital images

Adventure Session

-$250 1hr

-Additional $1 per mile >20miles

-Perfect for active dogs who love to run, roll, swim, & get dirty

-15-30 digital images

-Option to purchase artwork!



Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question you didn't find here?  Contact me!

What if my dog can't be let off-leash?

If your pup isn't good off-leash, I get it!  This is a question I get a lot.  Unless we are in a fenced-in area, I rarely let my doggo Hope off leash.  In fact, her leash is on for 95% of the photos I take of her so not to worry!  We will still have a great time and I will work the photoshop magic behind the scenes!  

So how does this work?

If this is your first time booking a photography session with/for your pet, or just in general, I understand the process can seem daunting.  I do my best to outline what the process would look like with me from start to finish Here, but if its still unclear, shoot me an email and I would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.  Second to your pets happiness, I want you to have an easy and stress free experience!

I have multiple dogs, how can you photograph them all?

The more the merrier!  You likely already know how hard it can be to get one dog to pose for you, let alone multiple!  But you can leave the worrying to me!  I have some tips and tricks up my sleeve when photographing multiple dogs, not to mention the amazing photoshop.  Just be sure to let me know you have multiple dogs in the booking form (which can be found Here) and we can make our plan together from there! 

What if I don't have any location ideas or don't like my backyard/its to small?

Not to worry!  I have an extensive list of locations for the NOVA area as well as areas I often photograph in!  For adventure locations, we can talk about the options and I can show you photos from previous sessions.   If your worried about your backyard, you can send me pictures and you might be surprised to hear that it has plenty of promise for showcasing your fido!  Either way, together we can find the right location that you and your dog will be happy with!

What if my dog never sits still?

Whether you have a young puppy or just an energetic fur baby, getting them to sit and pose for you can be challenging!  But don't lose hope, here are 3 alternatives we love to do instead!
1. Action!  If you have a zoomy dog, why not showcase their athleticism? We can capture them jumping, sprinting, or however else they like to move their paws!
2. Paws up!  We love to see your pup's paws up on a stump, log, or rock...and with some treats, this one is always super effective!
3. Swimming!  My own dog Hope can't help but lose her mind every time we get near some water, she just can't help herself!  In the warmer months, this is a great way to cool off and capture your 4 legged tug boat doing what they love and shaking off!


What if my dog never looks at the camera?

Does your dog seem to look away every time you pull out your camera? I hear this all the time, but it doesn't have to be this way!   My strategy is to pay your dog! No not with cash, but with whatever they find most valuable! For my pup, this means treats, and not the dry ones... she wants cooked chicken, hot dog, or homemade tuna treats if you want her to take her seriously, that's just how Hope rolls!  Now, this isn't the case for all pups, as many dogs will do anything for their ball, frisbee, or stuffed toy! This is why I make it a point to ask you what your dog loves most on our pre-shoot call!

ISOPawtography by Grant McDonald

Capturing the individual personalities of dogs and their families

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